Why Under-slab Spray Foam Insulation Is A Good Investment

Having a home constructed from scratch is a dream most average Americans have. Each year, millions of new homes are constructed in this country. If you are on the verge of starting a home construction project, you need to consider all of the things you need to make your new residence energy-efficient and safe. Educating yourself about the modern methods used to insulate residential properties is crucial when trying to make the right decisions.

For years, homeowners have invested in under-slab spray foam insulation. By insulating the area under your concrete slab, you can take advantage of the benefits mentioned in this article.

Avoid Heat Loss

The summer months are slowly winding down. This means that pretty soon, colder temperatures will start to blanket the United States. During this time of year, you will have to work hard to keep the inside of your residence warm. Most people fail to realize just how much heat can escape through the small nooks and crannies in their homes. Are you serious about keeping your new home warm? If so, under-slab spray foam insulation is a wise investment.

With this insulation, you can tightly seal your new home and reduce the amount of warm air that escapes. Not only will this help to keep your home warmer, it can also help you save tons of energy. Spray foam provides high R-values, which means you can make your new home extremely energy efficient with the addition of under-slab spray foam insulation.

Prevent Pest Infestations

Having bugs and small insects in your new home can be very aggravating. You need to realize that these small pests can climb through the tiniest cracks when trying to gain access to your home. A number of pests come from the soil underneath your concrete slab, which is why you need to focus on insulating it.

By investing in under-slab spray foam insulation, you can remove these small cracks. This means you will not have to worry about pests coming from the soil under your slab and entering your home. The main thing you need to do to get this insulation properly installed is to work with reputable and experienced professionals. The team at Barrier Insulation Co. will be able to help you get this job done quickly and correctly.

A Sturdier Concrete Slab

The concrete foundation your new home sits on is very important. The slightest imperfection in this slab can result in lots of damage to the inside of your residence. If you are looking for a way to increase the stability and sturdiness your concrete foundation has, then under-slab spray foam insulation is a great investment. The density of this material helps to strengthen the concrete slab. This is especially important when dealing with the excess weight caused by snowstorms and torrential rains.

Now that you know how beneficial this type of insulation is, it is time to make a move. Barrier Insulation Co. is here to help you get this job done.

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