Encapsulating Your Crawl Space Can Boost Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can cause significant health problems for your family. The air inside our homes can be full of dust, mold, outdoor pollutants, and other contaminants that decrease the quality of the air we breathe and pose hazardous to the health of all who dwell within the home.

Add to these possible pollutants increase humidity, and the chances of dangerous molds and mildews growing rise significantly. To keep your home’s air quality healthy for you and your family to breathe, ensuring optimum airflow control in and out of your home is essential.

Home Air Flow Control

Houses are not air-tight; airflow is vital to our health within indoor spaces. Typical areas of a home that help us control the airflow are the windows, window seals, doors, and attic. Another major part of a house that contributes to airflow is the crawl space.

Up to 50% of household air can flow into the home from the crawl space, making it crucial to keep this space as dry and clean as possible. Water vapors that enter the crawl space can create the right atmosphere for molds and pests that make the space their home leave behind dangerous waste. Even if your crawl space has cement flooring, these vapors still seep through to the area and ultimately inside your home.

Encapsulating Your Crawl Space

Many homeowners choose to encapsulate their home’s crawl space to keep moisture and mold out to increase indoor air quality and save on energy bills. Encapsulating the crawl space improves indoor air quality in the crawl space and creates an inhospitable area for wood-destroying insects and pests. With this ample space encapsulated, you will enjoy greater energy efficiency and lower utility bills.

What Is Crawl Space Encapsulating?

To encapsulate a crawl space, materials line the space and create a moisture-free area. Typically, a heavy-duty polyethylene barrier is used to cover the space in its entirety including the floors, walls, and ceiling of the crawl space. This process forms an impenetrable barrier that keeps pests and moisture out.

How To Encapsulate Your Home’s Crawl, Space

While some homeowners may attempt to encapsulate their crawl space themselves, you’ll need to hire a professional insulation company to ensure your home is protected if you want the job done right. By encapsulating your crawl space, you can rest easy, knowing your home’s indoor air quality is healthy and its structure is safe from future damage of moisture and pests.

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