Using Spray Foam Insulation Barriers In Buildings

As a major supplier of spray foam insulation, we’re familiar with the best and most common uses of this product in new construction. Here are some of the elements of buildings where spray foam insulation makes a big difference in design and implementation.

Attic Spaces

The attic is a unique part of any building with a pitched roof.

It’s unique in its angles, but it’s also unique in that there are places like gable edges that are uniquely vulnerable to the escape of heated or cooled air – for example, directly above soffit materials, where all sorts of troublesome gaps may apply. Just ask anyone who has installed this type of product, or torn a hole in the soffit to fit in an exterior lighting fixture.

In the old days, people sometimes just shoved paper-based insulation or sheets of roll fiberglass into these areas, and hoped they did the job. Spray foam insulation works differently, though, to seal these apertures and help weatherize a building for energy efficiency. It’s far more effective and higher in R-rating, and well worth the effort and expense to install, as property owners or inhabitants see their energy bills drop.

Wall Corners

When an expert comes in to evaluate how air moves in a building, he or she will often stop and take a look when it comes to the joint corners of a vertical wall space.

In many cases, the framing and other factors leave gaps or pockets in the corner joint where spray foam insulation can be an effective sealing barrier. This is even more important if various factors have caused disintegration inside of the wall joint, for example:

Termite rot

Excessive wear


Here again, spray foam insulation is the agent of sealing and weatherizing.

Frame Sealing

Here’s another place where spray foam insulation can come in quite handy.

Doors and windows have their own specific wood frames. But it’s sometimes difficult to seal around all of these trim areas. As a result, you could be losing air through a frame piece around a door or window, which can send your energy bills skyrocketing.

In using spray foam insulation, look for ASTM standards and other indications of material quality.

We stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty and five-star materials for your building project. Ask us about the spray foam insulation we offer on a market that is helping to conserve energy, for the planet, and for your pocketbook.

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