Three Things People Really, Really Like About Spray Foam Barrier Insulation

We believe, as many others do, that spray foam insulation is the way of the future.

There are some compelling reasons why people are using these newer forms of insulation instead of wrestling with traditional roll or board fiberglass.

Let’s talk a little bit about some of the differences. If you’re thinking about how to insulate a home or other building, we’ve got you covered!

Sealing Cracks, and Sealing In Air

Listen, the name of the game in insulation is eliminating cracks and crevices where hot or cold air can creep through to the outside.

Whether you’re trying to prevent freezing pipes, insulating a living space, or making sure that storage is climate-protected, the goal of the insulation is to effectively shield and protect what’s inside the area in which it’s deployed.

Traditional fiberglass is terrible at this job. Yes, you can staple some of the stuff to a wall or other surface, but it typically has any number of apertures for air to escape. Pros know that this is a reality on the job.

Spray foam insulation, on the other hand, does not have gaps if put in correctly. It is an effective sealing agent because as you spray, it expands to fill the entire interim space and effectively seal air in and out. That barrier is 100% obstructive and solid, which makes this a popular modern type of insulation.

No Floaties

Roll fiberglass is notorious for parts that break off and waft around. That’s not good from a sanitary perspective.

Spray foam insulation lasts for years and years, set exactly as installed. It’s a much more modern and sophisticated material that is worlds different from the old stuff that so often deteriorates quickly.

Easy to Put In

A correlating point is that with spray foam insulation, you don’t get the itching and irritation that you get trying to install old roll fiberglass.

You can look at the R-value for the difference in these two types of insulation, or you can actually install both yourself, and think about the experience. How was it different? Really, it’s like night and day. With the old roll stuff, you have to wear a lot of protective equipment, because the fibers are really harsh on your skin. With spray foam insulation, you just spray and seal.

Talk to Barrier Insulation Company about how to get this quality type of insulator installed in your building. It’s no sweat – it’s what we do!

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