Three Great Arguments For Spray Foam Insulation

What’s so great about having new spray foam insulation in my walls? Isn’t the current stuff good enough for the long-term?

We answer these questions all the time, as part of our innovative home weatherization and home improvement business. In reality, spray foam really is a superior method for keeping your property in good condition and promoting energy efficiency. Many of our customers eventually realize this and sign up to get spray foam into their walls and adjacent spaces, to protect against air leaks, frozen pipes and more.

A Lifetime Product

One of the best things about spray foam insulation is that it’s a long-lasting solution. It’s not going to start to flake or detach or break down the way that conventional rolled fiberglass insulation so often does. By contrast, the old stuff is weak and fragile and prone to distressing amounts of displacement and breakdown.

We’ve effectively moved away from old asbestos insulation, but in some ways, fiberglass is still not great. It doesn’t have the evident dangers associated with asbestos, but it can be harsh and irritating to the lungs or worsen some respiratory issues. Spray foam is an excellent alternative when there are any concerns about loose fiberglass.

Lower Energy Bills

Another fundamental reason to get spray foam insulation in place is that it’s worlds better at sealing in warm or cold air inside the building footprint. For property owners who have to pay utility bills on a building of significant size, this is not a small detail! It’s distressing to see your bill go to hundreds of dollars because the furnace or air conditioner is working overtime, delivering hot or cold air that just escapes through cracks and apertures in poorly insulated spaces.

Old types of insulation are simply laid in between layers of denser materials. There are all kinds of cracks and gaps and interim spaces to allow air to leak through.

Spray foam is a total 100% filler. It seals every bit of interior space, to provide dense and consistent insulating, which is orders of magnitude more effective.

Indoor Air Quality

Because of the fragility of old insulation methods that we talked about above, indoor air quality can suffer. Tiny bits of the stuff can break off and move around. Spray foam insulation doesn’t have that problem, either, which is why health experts consider it a much safer method of implementing proper insulation.

Call Barrier Insulation Co. for excellent service in upgrading your building’s insulation – for energy savings and peace of mind!

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