Radon Testing And Mitigation

Have you ever done a radon test?

It’s a big question, because in certain parts of the country, anywhere you live could be a radon hazard spot. Every building has its own footprint, and its own individual radon risk. Too many people don’t think about this until it’s too late, or really, ever. That’s too bad, because lives could be saved. It’s kind of a silent epidemic, and there’s a lot more that could be done.

Radon and Visibility

A major part of the problem is that radon is often brushed under the rug, and doesn’t come up in routine property transfers or living arrangements.

In fact, the only time that radon ever comes up officially at all is in a real estate sale, and in many cases, real estate agents have an incentive to simply get their clients to check a box to waive any radon testing. There’s nobody who wants to promote making sure that the test happens. And it’s a difficult test, too! Nobody wants to wait for their dream house, or lose out to another buyer, so… the house goes on never being tested.

As a result, many buildings haven’t been tested for radon in decades. Despite some EPA advertisements around the health issues related to long-term radon exposure, it often seems like no one’s really paying attention.

Radon Risks

Unlike some other kinds of public health and safety threats, radon is odorless, invisible and completely inconspicuous in a building. There’s hardly any way to detect it short of specialized testing kits that have to go to a lab to be thoroughly evaluated. It’s partly because of this requirement – because there’s no quick and easy radon testing method – that so many buildings, so many millions of buildings in so many states, get overlooked.

At Barrier Insulation Company, we can perform radon testing and mitigation. As we look at your airflow within your home, in order to get the best insulating energy savings, we can also inspect your building for indoor air quality, and get a handle on what radon levels are. After that, mitigation is fairly easy, although there is some cost involved. Most people, though, consider radon mitigation to be money well spent, as a protective action against a real health threat. Ask Barrier Insulation Company in Temple, GA about how to get radon testing done, and more about this environmental hazard and how to deal with it practically. Get help from a professional, experienced firm that cares about you and your family!

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