Important Things You Need To Know About Spray Foam Insulation

Energy production is the third biggest industry in the United States. Each year, energy consumption rates in the United States grow. If you are like most people, you work hard to make your home energy-efficient. Old insulation is one of the most common sources of home energy waste.

Choosing the right replacement insulation is harder than you probably imagine. Many homeowners have found that spray foam insulation is the best insulation option on the market. If you are on the fence about whether spray foam insulation is right for your home, consider the helpful information below.

Spray Foam Lasts a Long Time

Replacing the insulation in your home is sometimes expensive. Making sure you choose insulation that will provide a great return on your investment is crucial. When properly maintained, spray foam insulation will last a lifetime. This means you will recoup your investment in new insulation in no time.

The key to having success with spray foam insulation is hiring the right professionals to install it. Ideally, you want to choose an insulation company with plenty of previous experience. Taking a look at the online reviews, an insulation company can also help you assess their legitimacy.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Keeping the inhabitants of your residence safe from harm is a full-time job. The air you and your family breathe-in while at home needs to be clean and free of harmful bacteria, pollen, and dust. If your home has a number of cracks and crevices that are unsealed, lots of allergens can enter the air supply. Consistently breathing in these harmful substances can affect your respiratory system.

The best way to seal up the cracks that your home has is by investing in spray foam insulation. When this insulation starts to expand, it will create an airtight seal in your home. This seal will help you keep bad elements out of your air supply. If you are serious about keeping your family safe and healthy, then investing in spray foam insulation is a must.

Cut Heating/Cooling Costs Substantially

After an extensive home energy audit, many homeowners realize that their existing insulation is not performing well. Older insulation allows a lot of the air produced by your HVAC unit to escape. This results in your unit constantly running in an attempt to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. You will also see a drastic increase in the price of your monthly electricity bill.

Solving these energy waste issues is possible when choosing spray foam insulation. In some cases, spray foam insulation can decrease heating/cool costs by nearly 50%. The money invested in new insulation will pay-off in the future, considering how much energy it can help you conserve.

Are You Ready to Make a Change?

Having spray foam installed in your home can help you save a lot of money. If you are interested in how much you have to spend on this home improvement project, click here to receive a free quote from our team.

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