Causes Of Uneven Cement

Have you noticed that parts of your sidewalk, patio, driveway, or garage are uneven or sunken? If you have, then it’s pretty safe to assume that your concrete is settling. Not only is the foundation of your structure at risk, settling concrete can be a safety hazard for you and your loved ones when walking on it. Many factors can cause concrete to begin settling.

Soil Compaction

When a new structure is built, layers of soil are added or shifted to the foundation. This is an effort to create proper surfacing. Unfortunately, often this soil is not compacted correctly. Some settling is a given, but when soil is expanding and contracting unevenly under a structure, it will cause concrete to crack.


When soil loses moisture, it often shrinks, especially when it is high in clay content. As the soil beneath the concrete sinks, concrete settles with it. Conversely, soil with too much moisture can cause settling as well. Flooding, plumbing issues, and leaking water lines are common culprits of increased soil moisture.


While it seems impossible that a tiny little weed could disturb your concrete, it can with a bit of help. The roots of small plants will take advantage of tiny cracks in your concrete. That small mustard seed will push, little by little, until a microscopic crack becomes a visible one. The real culprit of major settling is usually nearby trees. Their extensive root systems team up with weather conditions to cause major cracking and eventually settling of nearby areas of concrete.

The Fix

There are several methods people have been using for ages to fix uneven and settling concrete. A contractor might suggest removing the damaged concrete altogether and repairing or replacing it. This process is time-consuming, costly, wasteful, and causes a disturbance to you and your neighbors.

The age-old process of mud jacking is time-consuming and unfortunately isn’t a long-term fix. Some DIYers might even try to fix the problem themselves. Do you really want to repair each crack yourself with fabric tape and polymer patch materials before pouring a concrete overlay? There are many considerations to make before pouring concrete yourself, and you can’t be sure that the process will go forth without problems.

At Barrier Spray Foam, we use the latest technology in concrete lifting. Our process involves using poly resin foam to fill the voids, stabilize the soil, and gently lift the concrete slab to the desired level. Unlike other methods, ours is environmentally friendly and stands the test of time. Call for a free estimate today.

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